thoughts on “Minority Dominated Relations” by F. James Davis

I am not a sociology major and have never taken a sociology class in high school or college. However as I was reading through this book it gave me a few inspired connections from other courses and real life experiences.

"In the nineteenth century Russia the czars encouraged pogroms and other extreme measures to force the Jews to convert to Christianity, to emigrate, or to die. During the 1930s, Hitler began the program of increasing harassment of the Jews, designed in part to get them to emigrate. Such harassment, especially when linked with a deliberate policy of putting pressure on a group to emigrate, seems less like voluntary emigration than it does mass expulsion." p 31

Hitler had the idea of Jew free areas, believing that he had the right to decide with who he could share the world with. He attempted to exterminate the existence of an entire people, which after the fact was labelled as a crime against humanity, the first time that term was used.

"Many Jews succeeded in both production and distribution, and Jewish actors became acceptable to the public by adopting English names" p 120

It’s sad that a population was so biased that minority populations had to conform to their racism in order to be successful in their society. They had to hide their identity, especially in light of the recent Holocaust.

“‘Hansen’s law’ has been known to social historians for over four decades. It states that the second generation tries to escape its ethnicity while the third attempts to bring it back.”p 182

When the second generation tries to assimilate, they quash many of their cultural traditions and rituals, and also teach their children that English is the most important language to speak. Often they don’t teach their kids their native language, and so the third generation reaches out to re embrace their historical traditions and have a sense of self, as people are constantly referring to them as different visually, but they can’t account for it culturally. They are in no man inbetween land.

"One effect of ethnocentrism is to promote solidarity within the group. At the same time that it enhances group unity, however, ethnocentrism may promote hostility toward out-groups, especially when feelings of contempt are strong. Thus the stronger the ethnocentrism the greater the potential for conflict." p 49-50

The Third Reich of Germany used this German pride to unite Germans against a common rival, the Jews. They enhanced hostility towards the Jews with racist propaganda that spread lies. This mentality is also responsible for gang wars throughout the US.

"Groups that receive only limited attention are the aging, the handicapped, and deviant groups, partly because they have not been studied much as minorities and partly for lack of space." p xi

It makes sense that researchers and grant writers are biased away from studying criminals and drug addicts, though that research would be immensely helpful to our society.



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